FFP ECO TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED has been in the industry for the past 36 years with a clear vision to the future and has built reputation on quality, reliability, responsiveness and innovation through Customer satisfaction. We have been the most cost effective service solutions provider with quality excellence in the water management industry.

FFP ECP TECH products has received a unique and renowned status of ‘Fibre Group’. Fibre has transformed into the leading manufacturer of all types of mixers and various other equipments. Established in 1977 a proprietary concern, is a company trusted for its products and values.

Mission Statement:

To take leadership by quality, excellence and customer satisfaction for all its products.

Vision Statement:

To add and develop cost effective quality products.

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  • Mixer (high Speed)

    Mixer (high Speed)

    Our Range of mixer types include Propeller, Saw Tooth Cutter, Stator Rotor, High Shear, Others.

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  • Agitator (Slow Speed)

    Agitator(Slow Speed)

    Innovatively designed Agitators to meet most stringent requirements from any industry ranging from Pitched Turbine, Ruston, Paddle, Anchor, Helix, Hydrofoil and other special designs.

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  • Flocculator


    Effective Floc formation using FFP Paddle , Gate and Low Shear hydro foil.

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  • Clarifiers & Thickeners

    Clarifiers & Thickeners

    Proven design for effective operations with energy savings for Clarifiers, Clariflocculators, Thickeners, Reactors Clarifiers, High Rate Solids Contact Clarifiers, Solids Contact Clarifier, Sludge Blanket etc. All these in various drive formats as per customers’ requirements.

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  • Submersible Mixers

    Submersible Mixers

    FFP High Speed & Low Speed Submersible mixers to suit large tanks dimensions and depths.

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  • Aerators


    FFP aerator range offers maximum oxygen transfer for given power not only making the process energy efficient but also low operating and maintenance costs.

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